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21st Century Learning Solutions!

The delivery of high quality and valued training is one of the key challenges facing businesses today. Learning solutions need to be cost effective and efficiently delivered whilst also providing the associated productivity, efficiency and performance benefits!


Competitive Advantage through improved performance

Our client focused solutions provide regular and easy access to learning, improving performance and capability whilst pushing new boundaries in engaging and motivating users.

What have you got to lose?

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World Class Talent Management

Bedlam & Mayhem bPlay(Business Play!) is a video game learning solution, which applies computer game/simulation approaches to Business, Management and Sales skills development. Increasingly being adopted to attract, develop and retain corporate talent. Totally blowing traditional eLearning packages out of the water!


Game Directory

The games listed below are currently available. Please contact us if you would like further information.


If you would like a free trial of a game, please register for your free ‘games’ trial by clicking on the link below:


If you would like to learn more about and reap the benefits of our Immersive Learning Solutions (ILS), please contact us at enquiries@bedlamandmayhem.com. For more details of our ‘off the shelf’ games and some project examples, please see the product outlines on this page.



Thought leadership & collaborative design

Although we are able to develop your very own bPlaygame from the ground up, the unique ‘building-block’ nature of our games means we are also able to fully embed corporate branding, iconic scenes or backgrounds and the use of company forms, templates and/or CRM tools/products into our standard games:


Quality Solutions with great return on investment

bPlay™ from Bedlam & Mayhem is able to leverage the latest video gaming technology, well defined learning and development methodologies, significant experience, and a well established, user friendly, open system front-end to deliver highly effective learning solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


The Serious Sales Game

This is a professional business simulation game that delivers engaging and realistic sales training.


Using our Serious Sales game, Sales Personnel can learn from real life situations accelerating the learning process of essential sales techniques.


Based on the post lead qualification process this solution enhances learning capabilities and achieves high levels of employee engagement. Placing you in the world of sales, you are immersed in a series of sales meetings.


Progressing through the missions ensures your knowledge and techniques are put to the test with the end result of maximising your sales potential.


Each mission has been designed to deliver a motivational experience that increases employee productivity, whilst encouraging the learning of new skills.


Meet the objectives for each mission by carrying out thorough research, uncover information, review client needs, and shape your strategy appropriately before the final meeting where you have a chance to successfully clinch the deal.


Each mission covers a different stage of the sales cycle allowing The Sales Game to deliver a full training solution.


In Game Stages

Mission one: The Pitch

Mission two: Handling Objections

Mission three: Qualifying a Prospect

Mission four: Closing the Deal


Call Centre Coach

Designed in 15 minute segments that are engaging, realistic and delivered directly to the agent's desktops, these bite-size learning modules can be completed during idle time.


Call centres are able to capture real life situations allowing agents to improve call handling and do business without losing days away in training.


A performance improvement solution that can be deployed at the seat, avoiding costly time away from the front line.


Immersed in a role play scenario, the agents navigate through the call ensuring customer satisfaction remains high, whilst maximising call impact whether that be sales or efficient service for example.


Continual, visual and instant feedback is integrated into the simulation with elements such as a customer satisfaction indicator and call handling strategy diagrams.


Once finished, the agent can immediately apply the lessons learned from the simulation to the next call in the queue.


The solution is tailored to accurately reflect your business.


Typical Scenarios are;


The Finance Game
The Finance Game from is a web browser-based (online) immersive learning simulation that focuses on business finance-related decisions, indicators and performance. It was designed primarily to act as a powerful way to rapidly expose non-finance people to key financial terms, metrics and concepts.


Learners are 'dropped' into a fictitious scenario involving a medium-sized manufacturing company (which makes and sells mountain bikes) The company is under performing and in desperate need of help. The learners can see the previous two years historical trading figures (sales figures, profit & loss, cashflow and balance sheet). They are also then given performance targets to achieve over the next three years.


The learner has a range of decisions that they can make and is challenged to find and employ the best strategy in order to achieve their targets. Monthly performance is compared to the forecast performance so that the learners know whether they are on track or not.


The game's underlying equations have been based on a sophisticated model. This gives the game-play an 'intelligent' responsiveness to the marketing decisions made by the user. Because the results are logical, the game is surprisingly easy to use, yet there's enough complexity to keep people interested; there are no simple solutions. (register for your free trial)


The Enterprise Game
The Enterprise Game has been developed to allow current business owners and employees to run their own virtual business. The individual is responsible for choosing which product they would like to try and sell, deciding how they intend to get this product to market, and then setting product and price variables. Once these pre-market stages have been completed the user launches their new enterprise into a virtual marketplace within which virtual competitors will compete for the pool of customers.

The key to success will be a fine balance between matching customer expectations for the product whilst ensuring the enterprise can compete on price with its rivals. In addition, the most successful enterprises will also need to ensure their workforce is highly motivated in order to match consumer demand with production.
(register for your free trial)


The Business Game
is an engaging games-based learning product in business dynamics and is an excellent way of introducing enterprise to young adults and teens.The game puts you into a realistic business scenario where you develop and market a new product.

It is designed to be engaging, challenging and fun whilst at the same time demonstrating how various business issues such as finance, sales, marketing and production are affected by each other.
(register for your free trial)


The Leadership Game

Is a multiplayer game where 4 individuals, each with their own mission, must decide how to work together, how to lead, and how to escape the “Island”


The experience pits your leaders against one another to retrieve a mysterious device. However along the way all is not what it seems.


By combining leadership training exercises and a sandbox style environment, leaders will be challenged to perform, compete, collaborate and achieve their personal mission.


The Leadership Game has been developed to allow learners to experiment and hone their leadership skills which are critical to successful leadership in the 21st Century;


To accomplish each of these competencies, learners are placed in uncertain environments, designed to stretch their comfort zone; styled so that learners are required to explore, challenge assumptions, form and implement theoretical solutions and evaluate the results.


In doing so, learners will understand, environmental analysis, strategic thinking, creative problem solving, effective coaching and listening skills, and how to effectively contribute to team development.


Serious Game - Clients



In a nutshell

we have access to a unique and well-established capability, to tackle a diverse range of complex business & learning-related challenges and can apply an appropriate blend of simulation modelling, game design, instructional design, graphic / multimedia design and business consulting to create uniquely effective online learning & communications solutions.


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Serious Game Serious Business!

The Serious Games space is growing very rapidly with many international events, publications and organisations appearing every week across the world.


To learn more about Serious Games feel free to make use of the numerous resources and white papers that we have made available for the use of our customers and partners.

“The potential (for games-based learning) is huge and remains largely untapped. For example, in educational applications alone International Data Corporation, the IT market research company, predicts that about 40 per cent of the US corporate e-learning market will use simulations by 2008 and estimates the market will be worth $10.8bn (£6bn) by 2007.”


Source Financial Times, September 2005